Twice voted the nation's best in his field!

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Member of the College of the State Bar of Texas.


Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Warren Diepraam

Warren is a nationally recognized lawyer who is known for his innovative legal theories and expertise

in criminal law, forensic science, computer crimes, DWI, and crash reconstruction science!


About Warren

Dedicated Family Man

Warren is a dedicated family man who married Kim Zindler in 1992.  Warren and Kim have one son who is currently a freshman in college and two daughters who attend Fort Bend County schools.  Warren and Kim love working with their children in their activities.  They also love animals and have two dogs and two cats as well as assisting others with their pets.  Warren's parents, Keith and Pam, worked at Sugar Creek Country Club for many years and have become cherished members of the Fort Bend County tennis community.

30 Years of Family History in Fort Bend County and Sugar Land

Warren immigrated to the United States with his parents, his sister Candyce, and his brother Gavin in the 1970's, living in Midland, Texas.  In 1980, he moved to Sugar Creek and attended Dulles High School.  After graduating from Dulles, he attended the University of Houston and graduated in 1989.  Warren attended South Texas College of Law before becoming a prosecutor with the Harris County District Attorney's Office from 1992 to 2009.  Warren began working for the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office in 2009.  Because of his expertise in criminal law, Warren has been asked to be a special prosecutor in many other jurisdictions including Fort Bend, Brazoria, San Jacinto, and Williamson Counties.

A Tough But Fair Public Servant in Harris County for 19 Years 

At the Harris County District Attorney's Office, Warren was known for his fairness in working on dockets, his creativity in legal theory and application, and his excellent trial record in around 200 first chair jury trials. Warren worked as a chief prosecutor in many courts with judges to help maintain docket efficiency, including Ted Poe, Don Stricklin, and Caprice Cosper.  Warren has tried all types of cases from misdemeanors to Sexual Assault of a Child to Capital Murder.  He was one of the most active and successful trial lawyers in the office who also developed a reputation as being tough, creative, and fair!

Warren is Recognized for Life Saving Programs 

As a result of seeing the carnage on Harris County's roads caused by drunk and reckless drivers, Warren became specialized in Vehicular Crimes, quickly becoming a local, state, and national expert.  Warren tried new legal theories that became standard around the state.  He tried a habitual drunk driver for Felony Murder, a first in the state, rather than Intoxication Manslaughter.  This legal theory was affirmed by the courts and became standard practice for our most dangerous drunk drivers.  As a result, habitual drunk driver killers faced life in prison rather than 20 years!  Warren also created the No Refusal Program which brings together police, prosecutors, judges, and those in the medical field to quickly and efficiently obtain scientific evidence in DWI cases.  Scientific evidence is very useful in convicting the guilty and freeing the innocent.  The No Refusal Program has now been adapted in almost all Texas Counties and many states.  Warren has received many awards regionally and nationally for his work on the program.  Furthermore, Warren, working with Ken Magidson, created the state's first Vehicular Crimes Callout Team where prosecutors respond to crime scenes to assist the police in obtaining legally admissible evidence.   

Experience in Many Areas of Law and Making Our Communities Safer and Our Courts More Efficient and Economical

In 2009, Warren went to work for his good friend and the new District Attorney of Montgomery County, Brett Ligon.  Ligon was also a very resourceful prosecutor and knew that Warren would help him to assist law enforcement in that county.  Warren is the Bureau Chief of Specialized Prosecutions with the office.  He is in charge of the Internet Crimes Against Children Division, Children's Sexual Assualt or Safe Harbor Division, Major Crimes, Vehicular Crimes, Domestic Violence, and the Civil DIvision/Asset Forfeiture.  Warren helped to implement several programs in Montgomery County including new case filing procedures that helped to more efficiently dispose of cases in the courts. Crime in Montgomery County has decreased significantly since Ligon became the District Attorney and asked Warren to assist him with his programs.  

Twice Voted the Nation's Top Vehicular Crimes Prosecutor and Recognized as the National Voice of Prosecutors 

In addition to his work at these offices, Warren was appointed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators (NAPC) to be the state's liaison to NHTSA.  Warren became the national voice of trial court prosecutors in Washington DC.  Warren travelled all around the country assisting prosecutors implement creative programs, doing presentations on traffic safety and ethics, and learning about other creative programs in use around the United States.  Warren was also a national board member of the DWI Court Program.  Warren received several recognition for his work including several local awards, he was the first prosecutor to receive the NAPC Traffic Safety Prosecutor of the Year, and also MADD National's Prosecutor of the Year.  With these two awards, Warren has been recognized twice as the nation's top Vehicular Crimes prosecutor!  He also received national awards from the Governor's Highway Safety Association and the Lifesaver's Organization which is the world's largest traffic safety conference.

Let's Bring a Nationally Recognized Leader to Court Four!

Due to his legal skill and reputation as being tough but fair, Warren has been appointed a special prosecutor in many counties, including Williamson, Brazoria, and Fort Bend counties!  As a nationally recognized speaker, he has trained thousands of judges, prosecutors, police officers, lawyers, and others. Warren continues to innovate in the legal community and wants to bring this creativity and problem solving initiative to Fort Bend County Court at Law Number Four.